Aloha Everyone,

Check out this series of Radio Interviews on 99.9BayFM Somewhere Over the Rainbow with radio host Mitchell Foy. If you miss the live stream of the interview on the day don't worry we will have the links to the recording available here. Big thank you to Mitch for setting these up and welcoming us on his show to share some knowledge and wisdom of our lineage. 

-Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster


Interview Outline May- October 2017:

Interview #1 

May 19th 10AM

Traditional Hawaiian Knowledge 

Old School vs. New School

Missed it Live Click Here


Interview #2 

June 23rd 10AM

Traditional Hawaiian Healing

The ABC's & Laying the Foundation 

Missed it Live Click Here


Interview #3

July 28th 10AM

Traditional Hawaiian Knowledge

Past Lives & Reincarnation?


Interview #4

August 10th 10AM In Studio

Byron Bay Hawaiian Healing & Evening Talks


Interview #5 

September 8th 10AM

Traditional Hawaiian Protocol 


Interview #6 

September 22nd 10AM

Traditional Hawaiian Knowledge 

Next Level: Ancient Spiritual Evolution


Interview #7 

October 25th 10AM In Studio

Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki 

Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster

50th&51st Generation of an Unbroken Lineage

Mana O Hawaii- Spirit Power of Mankind.